3 ifs you’d rather think of

  1. If someone or something else is responsible for your losses, who’s accountable for your wins?
  2. If you have time for hating others, how much time do you have left for loving yourself?
  3. If not trying makes you a genius, what doesn’t?

3 things worth your time

  1. Loving. Perhaps there’s no such thing as loving too much. Perhaps there is only loving too little. Even if it sometimes feels like we gave too much to the wrong people, maybe we didn’t. Maybe it’s just that we didn’t give enough to the right ones.
  2. Learning. As long as you are learning, you are growing. As long as you are growing, you are living. As long as you are living, well, you feel alive. That makes the difference.
  3. Letting go. Drop what doesn’t matter, so you can pick up what does. Stop fighting useless battles, so you can start fighting the fight of your life.

3 reasons you keep getting what you’re getting: Where your blueprints live and how to re-design them

We call them blueprints. Those that are hidden beneath the obvious. They drive our decisions. They drive us to our destinations. Where do we find them? How do we deliberately design them? Here are three places where our blueprints linger.

  1. Circles. We unfailingly emulate the people around us. They think someone is brilliant, we begin to think so too. They say something is evil, we start to say so too. They do something over and over, and we find ourselves enabling them, harmonizing with their every move. Surround yourself with people you want to be more of.
  2. Cycles. Unless something changes in the input, we get the same output. So a positive blueprint begets positive results, negative begets negative. Consciously create habits that get you the results you want.
  3. Choices. The moment we know what’s going on, we have the chance to alter our blueprints. Blueprints can be personal and professional. It can be social, financial, mental, spiritual. In different areas, there’s a default that we can configure for our benefit.

3 responses for negative fans, if any

Folks who talk about you negatively are still fans. They intensely admire you, although, in their own way. They also promote you when they talk about you with others. Here are three responses you can give them, to make them even more dedicated.

  1. Smile. A smile can do many things. It can make you feel better immediately. It can throw someone off their game. It can create a positive connection. Imagine how it feels if you jabbed someone and they smile right back at you.
  2. Silence. Cut out the negative conversations. Whether its gossip or hating, end it with you. Instead, channel your voice into hustling, talk that is conducive to achieving your goals.
  3. Success. Succeed, no matter what. This is the best response.  Give this to yourself, the doubters, the believers. Eventually, the unenthusiastic folks become diehard fans and end up emulating you. Sometimes, they are simply removed from your path. But either way, you succeed.

3 advantages of failing

Yes, it is good to fail. Fast and forward. Here are three advantages of failing.

  1. Failure is a learning opportunity.
  2. Failure is a reset. Failure is not final, it is only a starting point.
  3. Failure is a meaningful source of energy.

3 thoughts to disempower destructive criticism

When you set out to do something different, you might experience some discouragement from other people. Here are three things today to help you focus on the positive.

  1. The critics are not after you. The criticisms are an expression of what they truly are. Perhaps the criticism is coming from a deep-seated conditioning, even they are not aware of.
  2. There is goodness inside people. Thinking this way gives them the benefit of the doubt and lifts the burden off you.
  3. This is a learning experience. How can you grow from it? Maybe it means improving a process, gaining a new perspective, detaching from negative influences.