3 simple habits with the greatest impact on you and your life

Do you want more out of life? Are you ready to take yourself to the next level? Here are three things today that will greatly impact your process.

  1. Reading. Reading creates the potential to spark new insights. More sources of growth, greater potential to learn.
  2. Journaling. Introspection and reflection determine whether you spend your time going in circles or upwards. Experience alone is not enough.
  3. Learning constantly. If you could learn just three things a day, you will be a different person in a month, and you could have a different life in a year. 

P.S. Since we learn in different ways, we can use of different tools to optimize the reading and learning process. Kindle is a good portable reading solution. If you move around quite a bit, you’ll appreciate the convenience of an online access to thousands of great books with Kindle Unlimited. Podcasts and Audible are a good fit where you do repetitive tasks that require minimal active attention. If you’re into the feel of the pages, there’s always the paperback version on Amazon, and their free shipping trial with Prime or Prime Student. Mix and match and keep experimenting.