3 responses for negative fans, if any

Folks who talk about you negatively are still fans. They intensely admire you, although, in their own way. They also promote you when they talk about you with others. Here are three responses you can give them, to make them even more dedicated.

  1. Smile. A smile can do many things. It can make you feel better immediately. It can throw someone off their game. It can create a positive connection. Imagine how it feels if you jabbed someone and they smile right back at you.
  2. Silence. Cut out the negative conversations. Whether its gossip or hating, end it with you. Instead, channel your voice into hustling, talk that is conducive to achieving your goals.
  3. Success. Succeed, no matter what. This is the best response.  Give this to yourself, the doubters, the believers. Eventually, the unenthusiastic folks become diehard fans and end up emulating you. Sometimes, they are simply removed from your path. But either way, you succeed.