3 distinguishing traits of the growth mindset

There are two kinds of mindsets. One is fixed and the other one is focused on growth. Here are three things today that distinguish the growth mindset from the other.

  1. Talent, intellect, and failures are NOT set. It is possible to keep growing, at all ages from any background. True talent and intellect involve thousands of hours of finetuning.
  2. Focus on effort, strategies, tactics. Praising smarts is a failing scheme. It is the initiative and sense of responsibility that counts.
  3. Excuses are ego-talk. A person with a growth mindset owns the outcome of whatever they set out to do. First or last prize, win or lose.

P.S. Mindset by Carol Dweck is a mind-opening book. It’s enjoyable to both read and listen to, a few times over. If you prefer online reading, you can also grab the e-book.