3 characteristics of flow: you want to be in this zone

Flow means being in the zone. It’s a powerful state. You know you’re in it when these three things happen.

  1. You are one with the task. You are intensely focused on what you are doing. Everything you think and intend to do lives in the present moment.
  2. Required skill is just above the available skill. You are challenged but not frustrated. You find things straightforward but not too easy that you’re bored.
  3. Time distortion. You lose track of time. You are so absorbed in what you’re doing that time flies by without you noticing it.

P.S. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s research about flow gives us insight into how creatives work. Creatives include anyone and everyone who uses creativity in their professional lives, it is not limited to art or music. You can be a programmer and be nerve-racking creative. We can apply creativity, and have flow, in anything we do.  Here are a few of Csikszentmihalyi ‘s work about flow.

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